At 5/ten Management, our mission is people making places – through our retail, office, and multifamily property management services we are dedicated to building and preserving loyal relationships and making places better. For us, it’s all about the people. We strive to create unique experiences in places people want to live, work, and shop. Providing superior customer service to our residents and partners is our top priority.



We believe in building and maintaining strong relationships; it’s our first priority.

We have a passion for cultivating spaces where people want to live, work, and shop.

We pursue opportunities in the best markets that align with our organization’s vision of making places better.


We align our interests with the interests of our residents, clients, and investors.

We are committed to our associates through career development and a cohesive culture.

We have a firm foundation built on decades of knowledge and experience from a team of professionals that offer an array of high-level skills.


We provide acquisition, disposition, renovation, asset, and property management services.

We understand our residents and retail clients which allows us to provide superior service.

We utilize innovative techniques and regional expertise to exceed expectations and align with the goals of our clients and investors.

5/ten Management, an affiliate of Ram Realty Advisors

Founded in 1978, Ram Realty Advisors is an affiliated group of companies and partnerships that acquire and develop retail and residential properties in select high-growth markets in the Southeast.

What started as an in-house division devoted to property management within Ram Realty Advisors, 5/ten Management is now an affiliate operating as a boutique company specializing in property management. The vision behind forming 5/ten highlights the commitment to providing an exceptional living experience to our residents, along with an unparalleled commitment to our retail and office partners.